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Surreal Photos of the Tatio Geyser Field in Chile

by Owen Perry

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There is so much beauty before our eyes that is so simply over looked

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Amazing light painted captures by photographer David A. Evans  were shot at the “International Car Forest of the Last Church” in Nevada and other abandoned locations across the US. 

My interest in photography began at a young age. In elementary school I used the money from my paper route to purchase an inexpensive SLR and for my sixth grade project used it to photograph the night sky with dramatic star trails in our back yard. 

 Since our youngest has been off to college I have found time to immerse myself in photography again. I have taken several trips to the Mojave Desert to photograph junkyards at night.

I have been fascinated by the ability to capture macro subjects with focus stacking as well as the medium of digital infrared. Despite the bad press it has received in many photography magazines and workshops, I also venture into HDR techniques as I feel that in some scenes it portrays the subject much like the human eye perceives it.

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"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk."
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Aurora Borealis+Milky Way

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